440 Marketing Rebrand

The 440 Marketing logo portrays the creative spirit of our social media marketing company and the clients we serve in several ways. The Ohio icon is easily recognizable and celebrates the strong sense of civic pride felt by residents and small businesses within the 440 area code and its neighboring communities. The line through the “O” serves two purposes:

1) It reaches upward to the geographical location of the 440 area code in the state and
​2) is a play on the name “440 Marketing,” as residents almost unanimously refer to the area code as “44-O” (Pronounced “Oh”). The line visually distinguishes the “0” in the company name from the capital letter “O”. The clean typeface selection complements the monoline imagery and soft, tonal colors used in the 440 Marketing logo. The conscious choice of light, natural colors represent the area’s most important natural resource, Lake Erie, and the miles of shoreline along the county. Similarly, the vivid colors express the harmonious culture that 440 Marketing strives to uphold both in company attitude and business practices.