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Tips & Tricks: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, introduced in August of 2016 to rival Snapchat’s concept of live photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours, has caught on over the past 5 years as over 500 users post Instagram Stories each day. Although these stats can be daunting, for businesses Instagram Stories have grown to be a great way to promote live promotions, product demonstrations, ongoing events, and so much more.

Importance of Creativity in Social Media

The average American is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day, so making your advertising stand out is crucial to getting your message out there and growing your business. Social Media Marketing has become one of the most relevant forms of advertisement as the average person spends over 145 minutes per day on social media.

Networking and Events Help You Get Ahead

It is easy to get stuck in our daily routines — coffee in the morning, your normal drive to work (or a short walk to the home office), a quick lunch break to keep yourself fueled, coffee breaks in the afternoon and a drive home around 5pm, to hopefully have the right ingredients in your fridge for dinner. Some days (or weeks) can feel so routine that you end up driving yourself crazy or just falling into a complete state of comfort.

Instagram on the Rise. Can you keep up?

Instagram has come to be one of the hottest social media platforms in existence. Starting off as a photo posting site, the network has grown to be much more. Between posting photos and videos, Instagram users can also follow many different kinds of accounts in addition to their friends and family. Memes, dogs, news, products, local happenings, and everything in between can be found on your Instagram feed.

440 Marketing Rebrand

The 440 Marketing logo portrays the creative spirit of our social media marketing company and the clients we serve in several ways. The Ohio icon is easily recognizable and celebrates the strong sense of civic pride felt by residents and small businesses within the 440 area code and its neighboring communities.

The Power of Sharing

As you scroll through your Newsfeed, you can’t help but see Facebook friends that have shared videos, posts, and other media content. With the millions of posts shared a day, it is hard not to see what your friends are sharing with you no matter if it pertains to you or not. Keeping in mind that there are many types of media shared; whether it be funny, sentimental, cute, or informative they seem to appear more and more on the daily.

5 Simple Ways to Network in a Small Town

Knowing how to work the room (or the bar) is one of the most underrated skills an entrepreneur can possess. You know that networking is everything, from gaining job opportunities to ringing up sales for your company, but maybe you’ve never thought of it as a skill you can learn. Here’s five simple ways to network – based on my own experiences – to get you started.

10 Tips for Landing a Creative Job

Today we live in a world of technology – everywhere you look, you cannot go three feet without finding someone buried in his or her smart phone or tablet. Something new and exciting is always around the corner and no one wants to be the last to find out.