Is an Internship Worth It?

The question of, Is an Internship Worth It, goes for both the employer and the student. For creative, analytical, self-motivated individuals, an internship can be a great career move that can open limitless opportunities.

Employers: when choosing the right intern, look for those who want to gain experience. That want to learn, stand out and will listen to constructive criticism that you have. Your role is to help lead them down a blossoming path that could ultimately bring them onto your team full or part-time. Remember that their job is to listen and learn. Give them responsibilities that you did in college or shortly after. Don’t be afraid to delegate and let go of certain tasks that no longer suit you. Letting go of small responsibilities will give you the time to work on more of the business development and community outreach, for your company.

Students: when choosing the right internship, explore companies that intrigue you. Do your research on their culture and brand. If what they do for business is something that you are passionate about, challenge yourself and put yourself out there.  An internship can be a great way to stand out over other candidates when you are searching for a full-time job.

Employers and students: an internship can expand both networks. Having the mindset, motivation, and passion to succeed is the most important attribute to standing out among the numerous professionals in every field. Work hard and have fun – it’s worth it!

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Tips & Tricks: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, introduced in August of 2016 to rival Snapchat’s concept of live photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours, has caught on over the past 5 years as over 500 users post Instagram Stories each day. Although these stats can be daunting, for businesses Instagram Stories have grown to be a great way to promote live promotions, product demonstrations, ongoing events, and so much more.

Importance of Creativity in Social Media

The average American is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day, so making your advertising stand out is crucial to getting your message out there and growing your business. Social Media Marketing has become one of the most relevant forms of advertisement as the average person spends over 145 minutes per day on social media.

Engaging at a Distance

It feels as though we might be in the home stretch, but one thing these past few months has taught us is that life is unpredictable. Many of us are still working from home and with the future’s uncertainty, it could become a more permanent arrangement. Don’t fret! What’s one thing we’ve all been doing more of in quarantine? Browsing social media. Between live-streaming, Instagram story features, giveaways, and connecting with your local small businesses, you’re sure to catch your client’s attention!

It may feel awkward, but live-streaming part of your day to day routine will help you be relatable with your followers. Discuss how you stay motivated, make a cozy workspace, and start new hobbies you can share. Starting conversations is the perfect way to learn more about your followers and for them to learn about you.

Another great way to get a conversation started, with a bit more of a creative twist, is Instagram stories. Integrate polls, questions, music, trivia, etc. and make it fun! A newer trend that has caught a lot of attention is creating templates of questions that your followers can screenshot, fill in, and share on their own story. Create a colorful template asking for a rainy day playlist, or favorite local take-out. Make sure to tag any local businesses mentioned!

Your biggest connections are your neighbors down the street. Reach out to local businesses and show your support. Share their posts on your stories, and show some love in their comments. Create some camaraderie by partnering with a local business for a giveaway. Give your followers a chance to answer questions, or like/share posts for a chance to win a gift card or some merch! This supports your neighbors and helps bring business to the both of you.

Things may not go back to the “normal” we had before but, that doesn’t mean we have to lose our connections. Working from home doesn’t mean you’re working alone. The world is at your fingertips with social media marketing and there are endless ways to engage with your followers.

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Pushing through a Pandemic: Why Online Marketing is Your Strongest Asset

Our world has flipped upside down, in a matter of days. While we worry about our safety and the safety of our loved ones, our work lives must find a way to continue. Your business is still open, even though your doors are closed. Now, more than ever, the key to your business’ success is a strong online presence and we’re going to tell you why!

Networking and Events Help You Get Ahead

It is easy to get stuck in our daily routines — coffee in the morning, your normal drive to work (or a short walk to the home office), a quick lunch break to keep yourself fueled, coffee breaks in the afternoon and a drive home around 5pm, to hopefully have the right ingredients in your fridge for dinner. Some days (or weeks) can feel so routine that you end up driving yourself crazy or just falling into a complete state of comfort.

Instagram on the Rise. Can you keep up?

Instagram has come to be one of the hottest social media platforms in existence. Starting off as a photo posting site, the network has grown to be much more. Between posting photos and videos, Instagram users can also follow many different kinds of accounts in addition to their friends and family. Memes, dogs, news, products, local happenings, and everything in between can be found on your Instagram feed.

440 Marketing Rebrand

The 440 Marketing logo portrays the creative spirit of our social media marketing company and the clients we serve in several ways. The Ohio icon is easily recognizable and celebrates the strong sense of civic pride felt by residents and small businesses within the 440 area code and its neighboring communities.

The Power of Sharing

As you scroll through your Newsfeed, you can’t help but see Facebook friends that have shared videos, posts, and other media content. With the millions of posts shared a day, it is hard not to see what your friends are sharing with you no matter if it pertains to you or not. Keeping in mind that there are many types of media shared; whether it be funny, sentimental, cute, or informative they seem to appear more and more on the daily.

5 Simple Ways to Network in a Small Town

Knowing how to work the room (or the bar) is one of the most underrated skills an entrepreneur can possess. You know that networking is everything, from gaining job opportunities to ringing up sales for your company, but maybe you’ve never thought of it as a skill you can learn. Here’s five simple ways to network – based on my own experiences – to get you started.