Instagram on the Rise. Can you keep up?

Instagram has come to be one of the hottest social media platforms in existence. Starting off as a photo posting site, the network has grown to be much more. Between posting photos and videos, Instagram users can also follow many different kinds of accounts in addition to their friends and family. Memes, dogs, news, products, local happenings, and everything in between can be found on your Instagram feed.

​It can be frightening! The search bar also presents you with a plethora of content that may spark your interest. Accounts that post relatable content is a crucial way to gain followers. Users can post to their Instagram stories as well as go live for their followers to see. Frequency is key, when your followers see and like your posts, more will begin to follow you. As a business, going live at an event or perhaps to showcase your products/ services allows your followers to see what you offer in action. Videos and photos give Instagram users a clear depiction of what your business is about and who you are. Posting relatable and relevant content that people want to stop and read will help your business be successful. Creative posts with a clever hashtag may even start to spread to users who visit your business, this becomes free advertising for you. Hashtags hold a lot of power on Instagram because once a hashtag is created, users can click on it to see who else is using the hashtag and in what context it is being used. Some awesome examples are:


Amongst hashtags such as these is a lot of information: the business’s name, location, qualities and more are listed. Businesses should be mindful of Instagram and realize the power it has come to hold. Creating an account for your business may be just what you need to give your business the edge it has been missing.

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Posted by Sarah Bals | Dec. 17, 2018