Is an Internship Worth It?

The question of, Is an Internship Worth It, goes for both the employer and the student. For creative, analytical, self-motivated individuals, an internship can be a great career move that can open limitless opportunities.

Employers: when choosing the right intern, look for those who want to gain experience. That want to learn, stand out and will listen to constructive criticism that you have. Your role is to help lead them down a blossoming path that could ultimately bring them onto your team full or part-time. Remember that their job is to listen and learn. Give them responsibilities that you did in college or shortly after. Don’t be afraid to delegate and let go of certain tasks that no longer suit you. Letting go of small responsibilities will give you the time to work on more of the business development and community outreach, for your company.

Students: when choosing the right internship, explore companies that intrigue you. Do your research on their culture and brand. If what they do for business is something that you are passionate about, challenge yourself and put yourself out there.  An internship can be a great way to stand out over other candidates when you are searching for a full-time job.

Employers and students: an internship can expand both networks. Having the mindset, motivation, and passion to succeed is the most important attribute to standing out among the numerous professionals in every field. Work hard and have fun – it’s worth it!

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