Networking and Events Help You Get Ahead

It is easy to get stuck in our daily routines — coffee in the morning, your normal drive to work (or a short walk to the home office), a quick lunch break to keep yourself fueled, coffee breaks in the afternoon and a drive home around 5pm, to hopefully have the right ingredients in your fridge for dinner. Some days (or weeks) can feel so routine that you end up driving yourself crazy or just falling into a complete state of comfort. And then, out of nowhere, your boss throws a random luncheon or happy hour event at you, and says “please attend this next week for us”. “Do I really have to?”, you think.

Well, the answer is yes. If you want to get ahead in today’s world, the answer is yes. We often hide behind our phones or computers and believe that a simple email will get the job done. We all do it, so don’t worry, you are not alone. There is always room to improve (and that is why I am writing this). Attending an event for work or hosting something to bring people together will make a small difference every time you do so.

Back to the luncheon that your boss asked you to attend… How are you going to walk into that event? Business cards in hand? Or a simple jet to the back table and a quick exit out the side door. Again, we’ve all done it. Lets just take this read as a friendly reminder to walk in with your head high, a few introductions to new faces, and then from there, enjoy that lunch or cocktail and be on your merry way. Every time you make an appearance, is a reminder to those in the room (and your boss) of who YOU are and WHAT your business does.

That brings me to the events and organizations that 440 Marketing has gotten ourselves involved with. If you missed our Yappy Hour events this past summer, don’t worry, we will have a couple pop-ups this winter at indoor dog friendly spots. These events were hosted to bring dog owners and lovers together, at client locations of 440, for happy hour (of course) and to support the Cleveland Animal Protection League. We will be hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner event at Sol restaurant in Downtown Willoughby this November 7th. Another way to bring folks together while supporting a local business. And of course, it is important to support the chambers and other community organizations. We’ve been working closely with the Lake County Development Council for the past three years. Promoting economic development and enhancing the quality of life in Lake County!

We hope that this simple read will give you a boost of encouragement to get out there and remember you are not alone. Take on the new week, and year ahead, and devote yourself to a new event every so often. It will pay off.