The Power of Sharing

As you scroll through your Newsfeed, you can’t help but see Facebook friends that have shared videos, posts, and other media content. With the millions of posts shared a day, it is hard not to see what your friends are sharing with you no matter if it pertains to you or not. Keeping in mind that there are many types of media shared; whether it be funny, sentimental, cute, or informative they seem to appear more and more on the daily. This has become a huge advancement for companies on Facebook and Twitter especially as they can easily be seen by you and all your friends by the simple act of a repost. The power of a simple share can make your friends/followers more informed.

What can Social Media Marketing do for your business?

Social media consumes much of our daily lives, between scrolling and posting we are constantly connected. A social media marketing team may be the component your business is missing. Allowing a team to create and post content for you while simultaneously observing the general public allows your business to work to cater to people’s needs. Promoting events and remaining present on sites is crucial to getting your business’s name out there. Rather than trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, devote your time to other matters. 440 Marketing has all your social media marketing needs covered!