Tips & Tricks: Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories, introduced in August of 2016 to rival Snapchat’s concept of live photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours, has caught on over the past 5 years as over 500 million users post Instagram Stories each day. Although these stats can be daunting, for businesses Instagram Stories have grown to be a great way to promote live promotions, product demonstrations, ongoing events, and so much more.

Because Instagram’s feed orders posts on the homepage by interest and not chronologically, your followers may have trouble accessing your posts or they could simply be lost in their feed. Stories, which appear at the top of the app is a great way to appear on your followers feed more consistently. This is a more effective way for businesses to grow, track engagement, build a brand, and increase sales!

Stories have the ability to be interactive with the use of poll, question, and quiz stickers. This is a great way to build engagement and, for small businesses, see what consumers are interested in. For example, you could gage interest on what type of promotions customers prefer using a poll helping you decide how you might want to run future promos. The question stickers are a great option for doing a quiz on product offerings to gage product knowledge which could be used to know what features you should focus your future posts on as consumers are less aware of that aspect. You can even get open ended answers by using a question sticker to see what type of live entertainment your following would like to see at your venue or do a Q&A to answer FAQs on your platform.

For business pages, there is also an option to link products to stickers or “swipe up” to view a specified link. This can be a great way to guide more consumers to your website as by viewing your story they are already halfway there. This also helps you track visits to your website via these links.

Now, these tactics are great ways to build your brand, but these efforts can fall short if you are not receiving growing views with each story. Using hashtags and location tags on your story is a super easy way to have your stories appear in the results when users navigate to the hashtags and location tags pages. You can track engagement on the insights tab to see how many views, engagements, actions, profile clicks, etc. you received from a specific story.

Instagram stories are a huge opportunity for small businesses to build your following! Need help or want more tips & tricks? Contact us today!